As-Salamu Alaikum - Peace Be Upon You

Jumu’ah Prayers

There is a single Jamat with the Arabic khutbah starting at approximately at 1:30pm. Please arrive with wudhu where possible.

You can now donate online should you miss the opportunity at the Masjid.

Prayer Times

25th September 2023
Fajr Jamat

6:00 am

5 Hours 1 Minutes
Prayer Begins Jamat
Fajr5:17 am 6:00 am
Sunrise6:51 am
Zuhr12:58 pm 1:30 pm
Asr4:58 pm 5:30 pm
Maghrib6:56 pm 6:56 pm
Isha8:14 pm 8:45 pm

Who are we?

Your Mosque


The Mosque is the first mainstream purpose built Mosque in South London and one of the first purpose built Mosques in London. The Mosque holds many community orientated events for Muslims and non-Muslims…

Who we are

ornament1Wimbledon Mosque is located in the UK and is a place of worship for the Muslims living in Wimbledon and the surrounding areas. The Mosque sits at the heart of the community..

What we do


The Mosque currently accommodates for up to 600+ worshippers across three floors and during peak seasons also makes available the outdoor car parking space as additional prayer facilities.

Our history


Wimbledon Mosque was established on 25th June 1976 (26 Jamadi Thani 1396 AH) as one of the first  purpose built Mosques in London and the first mainstream purpose built Mosque in South London…

Upcoming Events

What's new?


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