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Update: the contents of this page were relevant prior to the Covid-19 pandemic. Please consider this when reading the content.

The Nikah service at Wimbledon Mosque and is a free service provided to the community and is dependent on the availability of the Imams. Please complete the attached form and email this to or hand it to the Imam at the Mosque.

Other Services we offer

We provide Nikah services in Wimbledon Mosque
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Wimbledon Mosque also has a Madrasah for young children
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Wimbledon Mosque provides Funeral Services too
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Moving to Wimbledon? Let us help you settle in.
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Wimbledon Mosque provides Nikah services to help those who wish to be in an Islamic lawful and Halal relationship. To download the form and find out more.


Wimbledon Mosque also provides a Madarasah to teach young children about Islam and how to read Quran. To download the form and find out more click here


Wimbledon Mosque provides a funeral service too to help those who have lost loved ones by burying according to Islamic tradition.

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