1973 – planning permission was granted for the erection of a two storey building for use as a mosque prayer hall, together with use of the adjoining property at 264 Durnsford Road as additional residential accommodation and the provision of 6 car parking spaces.

Prior to 1976 – the local community used to pray at a property on neighbouring Melrose Avenue.

25 June 1976 – the first purpose built Mosque in South London serving the mainstream Sunni Muslims was built. See the Merton Memories Photographic Archive for how the Mosque looked in 1976 – click here

1986 – the Mosque was further extended into the adjoining properties as the Muslim community increased. The permanent address became 262-270 Durnsford Road.

2004 – planning permission was granted for an extension at the second floor level to accommodate the increasing worshippers.

Present – the Mosque comprises of 3 floors and a basement that can facilitate over 600 worshippers. The car park facilitates 10-12 cars.