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Update: the contents of this page were relevant prior to the Covid-19 pandemic. Please consider this when reading the content.

Wimbledon Mosque provides Janazah (Funeral) prayer services. We understand this is a difficult time and although the services Wimbledon Mosque provide are limited, we have produced an essential guide to Funerals in Merton and Wandsworth on this page. We pray that Allah SWT gives your family peace and comfort at this time of loss.

Practical Guidelines to Arranging Funeral and Burial

Contact Wimbledon Mosque

We can facilitate funeral prayers, which are generally held after the Zuhr prayers. We would request you call the Mosque at the earliest opportunity.

Washing the Deceased (Ghusul)

Wimbledon Mosque does not have facilities to wash the deceased. Please contact one of the neighbouring Mosques in South West London for further options.

  • Balham Mosque
  • Streatham Mosque
  • Croydon Mosque

Request Legal Documents

Medical Certificate and Formal Notice

A medical certificate details the cause of death. A Formal Notice states that a doctor has signed a medical certificate and details how to get the death registered.

  • Expected Death
    • Doctor will provide medical certificate and Formal Notice
    • Hospital Death – Next of kin will be contacted and medical certificate and Formal Notice will be issued
  • Unexpected Death

A doctor may report the death to a coroner if the cause of death is unknown.

  • If the coroner decides the cause of death is clear then
    • The doctor signs a medical certificate
    • You take the medical certificate to the registrar
    • The coroner issues a certificate to the registrar stating a post-mortem is not required
  • Post-mortem required
    • The coroner will release the body for a funeral once they have completed the post-mortem examinations and no further examinations are needed.
    • If the body is released with no inquest, the coroner will send a form (‘Pink Form – form 100B’) to the registrar stating the cause of death.

Register a Death

Once you have the required legal documents you should register the death. You can go to any register office in England but if you use the one in the area where the person died you’ll be given the documents you’ll need on the day.

Registering the death will take about 30 minutes – you might need to make an appointment so please check with the register office.

When you register a death you’ll get:

  • a Certificate for Burial or Cremation (the ‘green form’) – gives permission for burial
  • a Certificate of Registration of Death (form BD8) – you may need to fill this out and return it if the person was getting a State Pension or benefits (the form will come with a pre-paid envelope so you know where to send it)

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